David is a FUTURE FIT TRAINED LEVEL 3 Personal Trainer. See:

As an elite athlete for 15years, I had the opportunity to work with different experts such as personal trainers, physiotherapists and strength and conditioning coaches. However, missing my left arm below the elbow meant that I wasn’t your text book athlete, and all the exercises I did required adapting. All of the experts in their area worked with me to try and discover the answers to developing symmetry in my sport and in my body, and, as best they could experimented many ways to enable to me to use my left upper-side of the body as equally as my right to achieve a balance in strength, power and flexibility.


During this process, we failed a lot, but therefore learned a lot. This meant that during the later stages of my career I was able to advise other coaches that I started to work with on some ideas and solutions, where they previously hadn’t worked with a client such as myself before. This is where I recognised the value in the knowledge that I had collected first hand and put my frustrations to one side by acknowledging that adaptive gym programmes are a niche field. 


With this in mind, my main motivation for completing the L3 Diploma in Personal Training is to be able to work in the fitness industry to pass on the knowledge I have to those that need it most. I believe that exercise is for everybody and therefore everybody should be able to take part, regardless of ability.


I pragmatically help anybody who feels they have a barrier and thinks that the gym is not a place for them. I aim to inspire confidence in others to do things differently in the gym, stand out and adapt accordingly while empowering my clients to meet their goals.


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