Very inspirational, the Ability to adapt to different ages, excellent

presentation, his ability to pitch question and answers was perfect.

Outstanding would recommend David to all schools.


A very positive and inspirational message. I love David’s openness

of discussion with the children about disability. We are still talking

about David visit even now.


Shakespeare Primary School

Thank you for the contributions that you made in launching our ‘

Be the Best You Can Be week’.  The feedback from pupils and staff

has been so positive from your talk and q and a sessions, I cannot

thank you enough.You message was perfectly pitched to our

children and your story resonated with them.  Many thanks for sharing your personal story at Shakespeare.

Malmesbury School

David was great with out YR11 BTEC Sport students and created a brilliant atmosphere in class. His knowledge regards fitness; nutrition and training shared with his experience of competition gave a good insight to exactly what we are studying.


Castle Primary School

David kept the children’s attention and didn’t talk down to them. I think it made them think about the way they make excuses if you cant do something and give up easily. I really enjoyed David’s talk and found it inspiring.


Walwayne Court Primary

David was an absolute natural at teaching my year 3 class. Fantastic delivery; engaging, understanding and tolerant of children. So much value to share.


Loved all of it, fab to give the children the opportunity to have David at school. Very motivational.


David was so friendly and inspirational and a great impression on the children. Anything is possible if you work hard and enjoy it.


David was so inspirational and really passionate about his presentation. I’m taking away that you should keep on going even if you fail at first.


The self-belief shown by your presentation was very inspiring. The ability to keep going in the face of adversity is a powerful attribute. Thank you for a fantastic session you inspire both the children and adults in the room.


Kingdown School

David was confident and funny and I loved watching his videos. Really good and clear presentation, thanks for sharing your medal with us too.


Confident, well-prepared speaker. David was engaging and amusing whilst conveying a relatively serious message. His speech was well focused on our theme of resilience. His perspective of “there is no such word as can’t” and “you just haven’t found a way of doing it yet” is really true.


Excellent! David was so enthusiastic and inspirational relaxed and easy to listen to!


Personable relaxed concise honest and well paced. Thank you David.


Inspirational to have a real role model who can talk about resilience from personal experience